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My book, Leadership Material
Best summer reads
My very best wishes to each and everyone one of you for a delightful festive season, a restorative and refreshing summer break. My wish for 2018 is that every leader enjoys their abilities and creates environments people love to contribute. 
Executive Presence 2018
for Senior Executives 

3 Fridays in June 2018
The group session dates are:
Friday June 15th 8.30 - 12.30
Friday June 22nd 8.30 - 12.30
Friday June 28th 8.30 - 2.30pm

This is hands down the best leadership development I have ever had.
-Dr. Bronwyn Labrum, Te Papa Tongarewa
Enrol withDiana 

Executive presence for managers and Principal Advisors 2018
3 Wednesdays in March
Wed 14th March 8.30 -12.30pm
Wed 21 March 8.30 - 12.30pm
Wed 28th March 8.30 - 2.30pm

If you work with Ministers and Senior Leadership Teams, and want to be more effective and influential, participate in this programme. On recommendation of a past participant, Enrol with Diana .

New New New
Executive Presence Mastery Series - the Power of Presence 2018 
forgraduatesof the Executive Presence programme  
This 6 month programme with monthlyhalf-day sessions on the first Thursday on each month, other than the initial session which is on  Thursday 8th March.  
For leaders who want to be:  
  • Known for developing, motivating and inspiring others
  • Skilled personable story tellers
  • Have assured presence in a wide range of professional settings
  • Have ongoing access to high quality coaching for the duration of the programme
Designed  for up to 12 participants

Email Diana if you are want to participate
My book,Leadership Material, is an essential resource for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to become more influential while inspiring others and improving their results!

If you don't have a copy you can buy one at Unity Books or Whitcoulls  or on line here:

If you have read it, buy one for a boss or colleague or a team you think would benefit.  My main message is you already have all you need to be a successful leaders. Learn how to tap into what you already have.  
Download yourfreecopy of thewriteable pdf workbookhere. This way you can complete the practice sessions as you read.
If you have yet to read my book, download your free chapterhere  
5 star review from Jeremy Corban, Principal, Big Sky Consulting'An outstanding book, based on a simple and powerful fact -- leadership is about leading people, and that makes it personal. Packed with practical insights, case studies, and prompts for self-reflection, anyone who want to be a better leader -- from experienced leaders through to those just starting their leadership journey -- will find this book insightful and extraordinarily helpful.'
Vantage Consulting, Canada,'Deep insights and practical content. As an executive coach, I found myself not only thinking of clients to send copies to but also feeling personally challenged. It reads easily and it will be a resource that I'll being going back to. I found Diana's book to be particularly helpful because she moves from the theory & abstract to practical ideas for implementation.'
Electronic book media education and literature reading concept  modern smartphone with book reading application with text and stack of color hardcover books isolated on white background
Best summer reads
If you still think successful leaders are rational,Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work, by Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Robert Hare, Ph.D., might well cause you to rethink. 

 Here are some great leadership books I have enjoyed this year,  written by US colleagues of mine
HIGH-STAKES LEADERSHIP:Leading Through Crisis with Courage, Judgment, and Fortitude by Constance Dierickx.Known as the Decision Doctor, former stock broker and PhD psychologist, Constance Dierickx understands that successful, intelligent leaders can make irrational decisions just like anyone else. In High Stakes Leadership Constance details three essential criteria for any leader to be an effective decision maker. She asks compelling questions which take readers to the core of any multi-faceted dilemma. This book is a must read for any leader wanting to increase their effectiveness. The case studies are easy to relate to and include NGO's, big business and leaders from all walks of life.  When you buy this book, there are free downloads with this link. 
Suddenly in Charge by Roberta Matuson,Roberta understands how to manage upwards and lead change. An expert on sourcing and retaining talent, her book is essential for any leader wanting to be successful in not only managing their team or group, but in relating throughout the organisation.

Tough Calls: How to Move Beyond Indecision and Good Intentions by Linda Henman

This is an exciting business book. What makes it exciting is that Henman is not tied to how things have been done in the past. She challenges long held leadership myths and systematically builds the real picture of powerful decision making. Underpinned by her thoughtfulness and in-depth experience as leaders' advisor, Henman brings new concepts, hilarious and quirky chapter headings (sacred cows make the best burgers), compelling examples from her work, and opens new doors to purposeful decision making. Decision making is bread and butter for leaders, yet Henman's Tough Calls takes decision making into an art form that truly reflects leader's accountability, ensures profitable business, and is explicit on leaders' alertness to unintended consequences.

Woven through Tough Calls are treasures ranging from original definitions of key terms like fairness and guilt, the secret to survival for POW US servicemen, principles for influencing ethical behavior, and what to avoid if you what to excel with tough calls. Any leader reading Tough Calls is likely to approach decision making refreshed, enlightened and with greater capacity to make tough calls.

Thoughtfully Ruthless, by Val Wright

Val Wright helps leaders find more hours in the day. Her book is a treasure trove of stories, and exercises to discover what really is important. If you want to lead with purpose and intention then this book is an exceptional guide. Including 'no' in your vocabulary is just the beginning.

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