November 2017
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Why are you feeling so tired?
Executive Presence 2018...
My book, Leadership Material
Year End: why are you feeling so tired?
Jen's opening bid in our coaching sessions was 'I'm tired. Exhausted really'. Letting her comment sink in, I looked at her and asked her 'What's making you tired?' Knowing something of her work over the year I followed that with 'think back to the start of this year, what new things have you done?' What have you achieved this year?'
Yes, it is 'year-end' in New Zealand with December and January combining long summer vacations and a festive season.
Jen looks down and puts a dash on the page, and writes a comment. After 9 dashes and 9 comments, she sites back and laughs. 'I am beginning to see the connection', she grins.
Jen and I discuss what 1 -2 things might she do each day/week to keep refreshed for the remainder of the year. There is no point in arriving at vacation time, exhausted, then take 5 days to rest enough to enjoy your holiday.
Take time now to reflect on your year. Look back and note your successes and achievements of the past year.  
What 3 - 4 things have you achieved this year? What are the new things you have done? What 3 - 4 things are you really proud of?
What have you learned about yourself as a leader?
What action(s) can you take daily to keep yourself refreshed? Don't wait. Begin that now.
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Executive Presence 2018
for Senior Executives 
The February 2018 programme is FULL.

I am likely to offer a programme for Principal Advisors later In February. if you work with Ministers and Senior Leadership Teams, and want to participate in this programme, let Diana know.

The next programme for Senior executives will be in May.

This is hands down the best leadership development I have ever had.
-Dr. Bronwyn Labrum, Te Papa Tongarewa
Enrol withDiana 
My book,Leadership Material, is now available. It's an essential resource for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to become more influential while inspiring others and improving their results!

If you don't have a copy you can buy one at Unity Books or Whitcoulls  or on line here:

If you have read it, buy one for a boss or colleague or a team you think would benefit.  My main message is you already have all you need to be a successful leaders. Learn how to tap into what you already have. 

Executive Presence Mastery Series - the Power of Presence 2018 
for graduates of the Executive Presence programme  
This 6 month programme with monthly 2.5 hour sessions on the first Thursday on each month beginning 9th March.  
For leaders who want to be:  

Known for developing, motivating and inspiring others


Skilled personable story tellers


Have assured presence in a wide range of professional settings



Designed  for up to 12 participants, each of whom would have ongoing email and phone consultations with Diana for the duration of the programme.

Likely Topics include:

  • The art of story telling
  • Finding your why
  • The language of leadership
  • Identifying our super power(s)
  • Your GPS for empathy
  • Leading with vision and direction
  • Engaging the unengageable
  • Expanding self-esteem and self confidence
Email Diana if you are interested to participate
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