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12 criteria for executive presence
Executive Presence June 2017.
Update on my book: Leadership Material
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12 criteria for executive presence
(from my forthcoming book)

As much as earlier writers would have you believe, executive presence is not to do with skills, tools and techniques. Executive Presence is to do with leaders relationships and particularly  their capacity to choose their responses in stressful situations. This results  in a clear flow of feeling between the leader and those around them. Your relationships remain strong. The genuine you is present and you can connect easily with others. People are drawn to you and want to be influenced by you.  

Executive presence encompasses at least five essential yet invisible leadership qualities;  
  • Define your identity as a leader,
  • Determine your credibility,
  • Establish your reputation,
  • Shape the relationships you have, and
  • Reflect your authenticity.
            Each one helps you produce highly visible results. As we will soon see in detail, if you
  • Gain insight into what creates influence
  • Identify sticking points in your way
  • Discover the source of any ineffective behaviors
  • Develop the capacity to change your behavior
  • Are perceived as and are sought after as a leader
you will increase your capacities to inspire and influence and have greater presence.
I have discovered at least 12 criteria for executive presence.
Rate yourself on 1-10 scale for each of these criteria, 0 being not at all, 10 being fit-for-purpose. 
  • You anticipate resolving people problems and maintaining good relationships.
  • People look to you to for context, decision making, and direction.
  • You know what is going on in your organization.
  • You contribute relevantly in groups.
  • You are sought after for advice and counsel.
  • You have a personal network of trusted advisors.
  • You are calm in crises.
  • You can disagree with others and maintain good relationships.
  • You are less than perfect, and people accept you.
  • You look forward to being with people.
  • You can transact business rapidly.
  • You are perceived as accessible, relevant, insightful, and results oriented.
What have you discovered? How are you going in inspiring and influencing others? contact Diana If you want to discuss your results of this survey.

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Executive Presence June 2017
The 2016 SSC Leadership Insights report showed at 44% of leaders struggled to communicate and lead in ways that inspire and convince others to follow. Join  the 66% who have this capacity.


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'Realise that not having a particular ability is not a life sentence; it is a challenge to embrace.'
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