October 2016
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Joy: the other side of engagement
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Executive Presence Feb-March 2017
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Joy: the other side of engagement

In my work coaching leaders, I have many unexpected and inspiring moments. I hear captivating stories, significant challenges and inspiring visions for the future. Most frequently what a leader wants to explore in a session fills me with delight. 
Bill and I were having our concluding session after working together for 6-months. I asked what he wanted to focus on in the session. He said "Joy. I want to find joy again in my work." I looked at him, and I could see he was serious.
"When did you lose it?" I asked. "About three months ago," he responded.
That surprised me. I thought he was going to say years ago. Of course I had to ask "What happened 3 months ago."
"Three months ago I put my new leadership team in place, and they are going really well. I have made some great decisions and I have the right people around me. But I miss my connections with the whole staff. I miss development conversations with specific people. I miss hearing what they are doing. I miss the reflections they were giving me."
I drew a two pictures. "Is it like this? You were right in the middle of your staff group, (figure 1), and now there is something in between you and the larger group (figure 2).

"Yes that's it. But I can't go there because they now have their own managers."

"Who said you can't talk to your staff? Have you ever heard of managing by walking around?" Bill laughed.

"Some leaders I know have weekly paper bag lunches or informal get-togethers where you can talk about the big picture. Would something like that work?"
Bill was on the way to re-establishing his own connections with the larger staff group; being interested in what his staff were doing, what they thought about things and taking the opportunity to hear what staff wanted to let him know. Creating engagement takes many forms. A leader re-discovering joy is one of the best ways I know.

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Trust - what does this mean to us as leaders?

Here's a short video (7 minutes) I made recently on a key element of executive presence -- trust. 
Diana Jones on trusted relationships in organisations 
Diana Jones on trusted relationships in organisations

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News update: I've just received back the draft manuscript from my editor in Boston, all 54,053 words and 23 diagrams. I'm underway with the editing process. I hope you will like the book and find it relevant and help to your work as leaders. There are lots of examples from my work of the past three decades; and hopefully you will see yourself as inspiring leaders reflected in the pages. The book will be launched in May 2017
Executive Presence  Feb-March 2017 
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