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9 paths to inspiring others.
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Diana Jones' 9 paths to inspiring others

To inspire
To make someone feel that they want to do something and that they can do it
To give (someone) an idea about what to do or create.
To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
To be ..........inspiring
A yoga teacher taught me 'consider every breath in is inspiration, every breath out is letting go of what is no longer needed'. I began noticing leaders achieving extraordinary results by doing very ordinary things - and it is these very ordinary things that make leaders accessible and inspire others.  
The many inspiring leaders I work with consistently have one or more of the attributes below. They 
  • Help people, and ask for help
  • Believe in people, and help people believe they are capable
  • Share their vision, and encourage others to share theirs
  • Share their ideas and are curious with others' ideas
  • Are accessible, inclusive, appreciative, decisive and selective
  • Run great meetings, love being in groups, are tuned to feel, see, then tame the elephants, they find pathways among conflicts and differences in groups
  • Help people make connections with one another
  • Create, and belong to communities. They get things done.
  • Are trusted and have tough conversations. They let people know how they think and feel about things. They hold confidences
 If you don't feel good about yourself, and don't trust your own judgement, why would others be inspired by you?  
June Oscar's shared her vision as she was presented with Global Reconciliation's Desmond Tutu Reconciliation Fellowship at Melbourne Town Hall, May 2016."All societal harms can be overcome. The present does not define who we are.... Never leave reconciliation in the hands of another. It is everyone's business." Source - Jenny Hutt, Melbourne
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Forge your own path to think differently, act decisively, and succeed quickly. Alan Weiss, master story teller, critical thinker, contrarian, and business mentor, continues to add value in sharing his extraordinary story.   

Speak like a leader, Simon Lancaster   

Transcript of "TED's secret to great public speaking: courtesy the extraordinary generosity of TED's Chris Anderson 

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