February 2015
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HALT: Self care for leaders
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Happy New year everyone

the holidays are over and its back to work. Best wishes for a refreshing and rejuvenating year as you 
continue your work in making the world a better place

A vision: without a vision the people perish. 

I am back from a week long conference of my professional association. This was a time to refresh and replenish and generate fresh perspectives to my work. The conference theme paid homage to our teachers; J L Moreno. Awarded World Psychiatrist of the Century,   

The vision is of able men and women all over the place expressing themselves relevantly in the ordinary here and now situations in which they live and work. This expression may be in silence, in building, in planning, in negotiating, in teaching, or in play, but it will be a responsive and creative expression, and expression that brings joy to the human spirit, that uplifts the soul, that makes us feel part of the universe again

This vision inspires me to be involved, to step forward when I feel pushed back, to participate, to care for the vulnerable and to develop my ability to contribute to social cohesion. 

Here are the questions and quotes which captured my attention at the conference:
  • Do not over analyze, rather connect and console
  • How come I know things without knowing things?
  • There's evidenced based information and there is your experience, thinking, intuition, insight, vision and perception
  • Know the importance of being receptive and the importance of courage
  • Different criteria produce different spontaneous groupings of the same individuals
I am using these questions, hypotheses and quotes from my colleagues to inspire and guide my work this year. 

What vision guides your work and life? 
HALT: Self care for leaders
As leaders, you are likely to be busy, with too much on, most of the time. Many leaders tend to take care of others before taking care of themselves, and then suffer the consequences.

The most valuable acronym I have for work life balance comes from the field of addiction and recovery. Wisdom from this field has identified four triggers are likely to initiate acting out behaviours.


HALT: Hungry, angry, lonely, tired.


These four indicators assist most people in identifying when they are likely to behave badly, be unwise, or say something they might regret later. By attending wisely and immediately to these four feelings, you are well on the road to self-care. 

  • Hungry: eat. Keep food you like to eat handy; nuts, water, fruit, low carb energy bars.
  • Angry: take time out, calm down and reflect...... before acting. Put the interaction/event aside, find ways to create distance between you and the person, situation or event. As you begin to see the event or situation from other perspectives, you are more likely to be able to the sting out of the situation and respond, rather than react. 
  • Lonely: reach out, move, go towards someone, connect and talk, if not personally then by phone.
  • Tired: rest, take things easy, sleep. 
Electronic book media education and literature reading concept  modern smartphone with book reading application with text and stack of color hardcover books isolated on white background

Books and Resources


Here are some of the books I enjoyed reading over the summer

Lost Luggage: A Novel 
 Jordi Punti

Deadly Intent by Linda La Plante
Blind Fury by Linda La Plante

The language of flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult
We are all completely beside ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler
Amy Tan - the Valley of Amazement, and the Kitchen God's wife, and best of
all: The opposite of fate, a collection of Amy Tan's thinking, life experience
and writing.
Leadership Workshops 2015

Executive Presence  with Diana Jones

For CE's, second, third, fourth tier managers and principal advisors working to leadership teams. Discover your current impact on others, and develop the presence, influence and impact now relevant to your role.

'Executive Presence is a superb professional development course that gives a whole new meaning to 'learning by doing'. As a result of doing Executive Presence, I have deepened my self-confidence as a leader and strengthened my personal ownership of my role as a leader. Diana is incredibly skilled at working with the group to do practical leadership exercises, and leading each person in the group on their own journey of self-discovery about their leadership potential.' CE., Crown Entity

Discuss your participation and enrol in Executive Presence with Diana Programmes in July, August and September 2015
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