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Take one ... then take two.....

E+R..... your emotional response, then your rational response


Whoever said organisations are not emotional was clearly smoking something. From my experience wherever people are involved, emotions are part of the action.


In working with organisations and leadership teams, I notice everyone has an emotional response to what is going on around them. In many organisations, the emotional response to what is going remains underground, or at the very least, discussed in the private conversations and connections amongst people.


Leaders are often portrayed as emotionless objective beings but that simply isn't human. Every leader has emotional as well as rational responses. And when things go wrong it is easy for leadership to be angry and frustrated, acting from that first emotional response; berating staff and demanding action.  


However, some leaders consciously take time for clear rational thought. Leaders willing to be thoughtful after their first internal emotional response to a difficult situation are perceived as cool under pressure. This in itself is hard work.


Reactions in action

A few days ago, one of my clients, Sara, and I were discussing how she might manage her frustrations when things don't work out as she expects. From our discussions Sara had been practicing noticing her first response, and then thinking through her second response, and choosing how to respond.  Sara said she was learning something new. She went on to describe a recent experience. A manager in her team had made a major "stuff up". In doing so, he had deeply offended the local community, having neither consulted nor developed a relationship with the community leaders. And now this event had happened. She was livid. She imagined tearing a strip of her manager for allowing this to happen. Then she tuned into her second response.


So she asked herself what did she really want to achieve?


She knew she wanted her manager to realise the seriousness of what had happened and for him to take responsibility and repair the situation. She considered her approach.

 Shared expectations creates mutuality

First thing next morning she and her manager met. Tell me how this happened? Was her opening question to begin the conversation. Her manager was mortified.  He realised he had made a serious mistake. He outlined what had happened. Sara asked: How are you going to fix it? Let me know what you are thinking.  The manager outlined his plan, and Sara helped him shape up his actions that day, that week and over the next few weeks. They agreed how he would update Sara. Then she said, I want you to turn this around, and in a year's time when you and I look back on this, I want us both to see your managing this incident as a success.


The result was that the manager was appreciative and relieved, and Sara felt she had enabled him remedy the situation, and for him put processes in place to ensure it wouldn't occur again.


How is your E+R process?


Think back over the past few weeks. How often do you act out of anger and frustration? 


Now here's a suggestion: when you realise you are being reactive, recognise this first response, then tune into yourself: what is my second response? And, what is the outcomes I want from this interaction?



What question am I going to ask, that will generate the thinking and action and ensure all of us achieve the results we want?


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