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May 2013
8 Features of my coaching clients success


I have noticed clients who benefit most from coaching have distinctive approaches to learning. 

  • Are willing to accept tough feedback from bosses and peers
  • Work to understand the impact they have on others
  • Are open to learning new approaches
  • Are able to identify clear outcomes they are seeking
  • Identify specific success measure both they and others will see and experience
  • Practice what they are learning
  • Expect to make mistakes as they learn
  • Become less self-critical and more self encouraging

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The art of Establishing success measures for coaching


For leaders wanting to develop new behaviours to increase their effectiveness, one key is to identify specific success measures. This is not as easy as it sounds. Alongside desired outcomes of any coaching project, clients and I work together to identify 2 - 3 specific success measures which they and others will see and experience as a result of the behavioural changes they are considering. How do we do this?


We identify specific relationships, in a specific setting and describe the desired result. Success Measures


Two examples:

1.        The context is the client is quiet, shy or reserved in leadership team meetings. The coaching outcome is


'To be perceived as a valuable colleague amongst peers' or, 'To shift from being deferential to being a peer with colleagues and with those in authority'


The success measure for coaching might be: is actively sought and invited for information, feedback, and advice on current and strategic issues by peers and bosses


2.         The context is boss and peer feedback indicate perceptions of arrogance, being opinionated, or not listening to others. The coaching outcome might be stronger peer engagement and positive staff relationships


The success measure might be: specified peers and staff across the business spontaneously report x being helpful, and easy to approach


Contact Diana to assist you identify success measures relevant to your team or work projects

Executive Presence June - July: 

Leadership pic


This programme is designed for senior leaders to develop the 
and impact you want through:
  • Presenting yourself in ways that conveys and engenders confidence
  • Using effective behaviours in a variety of group environments and situations, and judgement in when to apply these
  • Increased authenticity and credibility through positive relationships
  • A greater awareness and understanding of your impact on others and how to create the impression and presence needed
  • A greater understanding of group dynamics especially at executive level and chairing meetings and your own role and impact within these settings 

To enquire and enrol, email Diana Jones


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