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March 2013
Leading teams in uncertain times
Longtime colleague Gerald Scanlan and I were discussing the challenges that many teams we are working with are facing uncertain times. leaders and team members are in acting roles, directions and priorities are changing as a result of agency mergers, and change processes taking longer than expected. 
New CEO's, leaders, team members and structures result in shifts in relationships and expectations.
teamwork in uncertain times

We identified five questions we both use when we are assisting teams facing uncertain times:
  • What is our team purpose in this uncertain environment? 
  • How will we know that we have been successful? What will our staff see/experience.....Weekly, monthly?
  • How much are we willing to invest in our purpose and relationships when our own future is uncertain?
  • What courageous actions might we take to engage with the emotions generated by the current situation?
  • What might we do as leaders to create a sense of belonging and transition, motivation and commitment to purpose for all team members?

 Contact Diana Jones or Gerald Scanlan to discuss the challenges you are working with in your teams


The leader and the EA: Guidelines for sharing expectations: Part A


Over the years I have become aware that leaders and EAs with a effective mutual relationship can greatly assist the work of the wider group. Sharing expectations can often be one way to achieve this. 

  Shared expectations creates mutuality

As a result, we have created a powerful tool - guidelines for sharing expectations with your EA. Frequently clients comment that using these 
guidelines to share expectations, has either established a new working relationship quickly, or shifted what appeared to be a difficult or non-performing relationship into a highly functional one.  I have included examples in each area within the guideline. Use these to generate your own expectations with your EA.


Shortly: Part B: EA's expectation's of what being well managed means!

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