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Executive Presence Programme Dates 2013


A maximum of 8 people are accepted in each programme. The programme runs over 4 months.


Here are the Executive Presence Dates for 2013:

For enrollments, applications and specific dates, email Diana at [email protected] or visit http://diana-jones.com/services/leadership-development/the-executive-presence-programme/.


Referrals from Diana's existing clients, past participants and the Leadership Development Centre are accepted. Other's interested please contact Diana directly.

A better class of question...

QuestionsA few years ago, I found I had been chasing my tail. I thought that asking myself questions was likely to be helpful, as I was on a path of discovery. I began asking myself why did that happen? Why do you do that (not so great) thing? Read more

First impressions

Coffee with friends

I am back from three weeks holiday in Italy. Half of this time was in Rome and the other half in Tuscany. Being on holiday is a chance to walk out of my everyday life and have completely new experiences alongside some familiar ones. Taking time out from my own life enables me to reflect and refresh, and to see things from other perspectives. Read more

Two good things presented in fives....books and resources

For those of you interested in what motivates people I am including here two books I've recently read, reflecting the theme of engaging with others. Read more

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A better class of question..
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