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More than a few years have past since the last issue of this newsletter. So - a new leaf, a new resolution, and a fresh approach. Some of you have mentioned navigating the soft side of organisation life is one of your challenges. This Newsletter is to share with you some of the things I have discovered that assist in developing, building and maintaining relationships.
This thing called change....

Organisation 'change' can achieve outstanding results, or it can create chaos with results not reflecting the original purpose. Where change is well led with a focus on relationships, achieving the desired results is more likely. Only by refreshing and rebuilding relationships between managers and staff, amongst staff, and how business groups relate internally and with customers can the new change be effective.  New directions, new expectations and fresh approaches can be implemented, with people more likely to give their best efforts and contribute to making the difference. Read more

Spontaneity and leadership

One of the roles of a leader is to create unity of direction with people who have different views. Ideally, a leader's decision will produce greater cohesion and direction and less fragmentation. Decisions made when a leader is using coping or defensive behaviour tend to be reactive, have little flexibility and rarely contribute to social cohesion or progress. When decision-making enhances social cohesion, more often than not, those involved have worked with spontaneity. Spontaneity, a life-giving state of being, is essential for creativity and innovation.

There are at least five criteria underpinning spontaneity; the decision or action: Read more

Engaging with others....books and resources

For those of you interested in what motivates people I am including here several books I've recently come across, reflecting the theme of engaging with others. Read more


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This thing called change
Spontaneity and leadership
Engaging with others
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