How Diana Works

Diana works with clients to get to the heart of the matter. She assists them with how to lead in a way that enables people to contribute their best efforts. Diana’s approach includes a mix of challenge, informality, structured processes and flexibility. Many of her clients return as their circumstances change and develop.

  • Projects are tailored specifically to meet your needs and context
  • We agree to a clear set of outcomes, and how we will measure success
When coaching senior managers of new teams, Diana has the skill to fully understand the leadership and team building issues that need to be addressed to lift performance. She makes a point of understanding the context the team is operating in and discussed different approaches for managers to utilise in their team interactions and one-on-one sessions with their team members.
SP, Group Manager

The way Diana gets involved is to listen to what you want to achieve and clarifies with you what is at stake, the context you are in, and the drivers for change. This approach enables you both to be in tune with what is at stake.

Diana establishes with you the outcomes you are wanting and then she asks how you would know, or what would you see if these outcomes were in place. The project is only completed when we both agree that these measures have been achieved

I have worked with Diana over a number of years. She is very easy to work with, collaborative in jointly creating a process and modifying outcomes. She is perceptive to feedback and suggestions and contributes with a ‘value add’ in the planning stages.
Alan Cassidy, Group Manager,

Diana makes a proposal to you with several approaches to achieve the outcomes. Her interventions are tailored to your specific situation and outcomes and Diana has a range of methodologies she uses.

Our clients often ask us to assist them to:

  • Gain alignment within leadership teams
  • Strengthen engagement amongst leaders and staff
  • Create cultures of productivity, innovation and results
  • Increase collaboration, reduce duplication and streamline systems
  • Identify important work streams within a myriad of competing interests
  • Help people have the conversations they want to have with the people they want to have them with.

I recommend Diana to work with teams who need to embrace a change situation, and be unlocked from a current mindset to gain insight about their own behaviours and then act upon that to work together for greater influence and impact. Diana excells with group dynamics and working with groups and individuals to engage and make changes. She is energetic, positive, very clear and focused on the outcomes that managers and teams want to achieve

Gael Surgeoner, Manager government and community services

The results of our work are groups or individuals who can

  • produce the results they want
  • establish stronger intergroup connections
  • enjoy better interpersonal relationships, greater vitality and less stress.
Diana was commissioned to undertake two pieces of work for us; one was leadership team development, and the other was working with us to build a strategic focus and direction in a regulatory environment. Our aims were to form a collaborative network approach to the way we undertook business, to create understanding and build opportunities, and link them to the vision. We were also aiming to establish a strategic pathway. Diana has a great personality and her energy creates a fun learning environment – it’s a good time but it’s a focused time. One of the outcomes we achieved was a cohesive team that enjoyed working together. As the collaboration improved people were doing work for each other. The team became proactive at working across and assisting others. This was invigorating, mutually rewarding, enabling and challenging. Under her guidance we developed a collaborative approach, and the work we produced built into an effective strategic plan.
Mike Hill, Business Manager, Corporate Services, Public Sector Organisation