What a tumultuous time we have been through with covid-19

share experience is crucial for business success and productivity

How extraordinary it is to have large parts of our country 90% double vaccinated.  Up from 21.6% on 12th August.

What immense and inspired efforts by health workers and communities around the country.

Disappointment in having events cancelled has loomed large in both my personal and professional life. Finding attractive options B and C has at times tested my spontaneity.

Like many of you, anticipating being with family and friends and refreshing our lives over the summer break is immensely attractive. There is a real chance to transform our lives and relationships and choose who we want to be with.

There is another area drawing our attention – how we work together. If you want to transform your organisation, leaders need to transform the relationships within their business. It is too easy to become divided and to emphasise our differences. Divisions in some communities have come to the fore with the compelling case for vaccines and the responding resistance.

Finding the things that bind us together within our families and friends, within our organisations, and within Aotearoa New Zealand is increasingly important.

My new book Leadership Levers: Releasing the power of relationships for exceptional participation, alignment, and team results might well help you with that.

There are two free downloads for you; both are on shifting your meeting preparation. One on the first four minutes of every meeting, and the second on nailing presentations. Both encourage you to shift your focus from preparing content to preparing for a process for participants to engage with you.

Leaders’ dependent on set meeting agenda are not going to succeed. There is a significant need to rebuild cohesion, to help staff and leaders reconnect. Sharing experience works better FACE TO FACE. It is possible and essential online.

The ability to shape relevant invitations to share experience is crucial for business success and productivity. Being upfront, personal and productive, is the new normal.

© Diana Jones

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