The great lie that New Zealanders don’t want to work

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”

Why is it Aotearoa New Zealand is using immigration to prop up industries like rest home care, fishing, chefs, seasonal work, and IT sectors? Why don’t New Zealanders want these jobs? The assumption that locals don’t like these jobs is simply untrue. Locals don’t like these jobs most likely because they are treated poorly by employers, and they aren’t paid well enough to thrive.

Australian companies are poaching New Zealand talent by offering better working conditions and ‘up to three times the pay.’

Is our school system failing to develop caring, practical, and technical capacities in students. Why haven’t the Industry Training Organisations offered attractive training in these areas? Why are profitably companies unable or unwilling to offer attractive pay and work conditions?

If employers import labour, we become liable for housing, and social infrastructures that support immigrant labour at a time when the housing market is more an investment resource than for housing people.

It is of little use to blame the government. The absence of innovative solutions to this longtime problem is an indictment of employers incapacities to be innovative. There are many skilled and creative people in our country, yet somehow our ability to create enduring solutions to current social problems is weak.

Roberta Matuson, Boston Talent Consultant is tackling the reasons ‘people don’t want to work’ in a free webinar The Great “Refusal to Work” Lie Webinar. This webinar is free and at an impossible time of 3 am for New Zealanders. (July 20th EST 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM, (including 15 minutes for Q&A). However, if you register, Roberta has agreed she’ll send you the webinar recording. Email Roberta to register letting her know you want the recording. The webinar is limited to 100 active participants so act now.

In this jam-packed interactive session, Roberta will cover:

  • The real reasons why you can’t find talent and what you can do to rapidly change this dynamic.
  • Why people don’t want to work for you. (It’s not what you think!)
  • Three things you may be doing that’s preventing talent from reaching you.
  • Sources of untapped talent.
  • Sealing the gaps: The strange case of the leaking employees

If you want to attract and retain talent, expand your thinking.

I recently worked with a company whose recruitment profile discourage Maori from applying. That senior leadership team is underway producing a recruitment profile to specifically attract Maori.

What might you do to ensure your organisation attracts and retains talent? What ideas do you have that would dramatically improve employment in sectors which currently rely upon immigrant talent?

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