Summer Reads

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I love reading. There are few things as satisfying as curling up in the warm summer shade with a book.

I am a voracious reader of business books and articles, biographies and autobiographies, detective stories written by women, and contemporary fiction. I become a fan of particular authors and read all they have written.

Within those moments, I am transported out of my own life and into others lives. I’m lucky to know a number of business authors; I love reading their books and discovering what they are thinking, or how they work.

Two great books I have read recently read are Tombland‘, a historical fiction by C J Sanson and We Fed An Island’,  by chef José Andrés. The latter tells the story of an on-the-ground entrepreneur’s approach, versus international aid agencies’ approach, in the rebuilding of post-hurricane Puerto Rico.  

As a writer, I love seeing how authors approach their story as much as I love the story itself.

As a writer, I love seeing how authors approach their story as much as I love the story itself. Share on X

Sanson sets Mathew Shardlake, lawyer, social commentator and detective, in the post-Henry 8th period, drawn into an early riveting murder. He is caught in profound social and historical dramas and political conniving, yet holds true to his original quest throughout this 866-page story.

Andrés recounts his intuition and astutely observes what’s in front of him to help rebuild Puerto Rico. He cooks and personally delivers nutritious meals to the devastated population. He slams the international aid agency professionals who focus on planning, contracting and stockpiling rather than delivering immediate solutions through local people. We Fed An Island is a study of planning over action, procedures over people, planting solutions vs doing what matters to people. The book describes the clash between bureaucracy and innovation and the author takes no prisoners.    

I’ve also enjoyed the audio version of Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming and the funny David Sedaris, Holidays On Ice.

What is taking your attention as you refresh over summer?

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