Diana isn’t an off the shelf advisor. Her approach is perceptive and sometimes uncomfortable; this is because we work with the real issues that create progress. She facilitates in a way that we as leaders are confronted by ourselves – it is up to us. She helped us to understand rapidly to work with the real things. Some of these were unexpected. Using her unique and highly participative approach Diana assisted us to easily address, then resolve these, creating great progress.
– General Manager

Leaders contract Diana in three ways:

  • As trusted advisor and confidant with unlimited access on any topic
  • As a confidant and coach to senior executives
  • With leadership teams; both behind the scenes and by observing and coaching in situ.

In addition to the consulting and coaching work, Diana acts as trusted advisor to top executives across the globe. Her advice is candid, responsive and perceptive and significantly accelerates the speed and quality of leader’s decision-making. Her clients report immediate and dramatic improvement in both personal and company-wide results.

Diana’s services are designed with client’s best interest in mind. She provides unrestricted access based on scope and duration both she and her clients agree on. Some prefer direct access via phone, e-mail and Skype, while others prefer face-to-face meetings, supported by phone, and e-mail.

Accessing Diana’s knowledge, business and relationship expertise allows leaders and teams to benefit from her experience. She is one of a handful of sociometrists in the world, enabling her to bring unique perspectives and methodologies to her work in organisation relationships, behaviour change and how groups work. Her advice helps leaders be decisive, knowing their options and the implications of each. Leaders who work with Diana have greater confidence to act in challenging settings, enabling them to re-focus on delivering results including producing sought-after cultures.

Corporates that need executives and leadership teams to excel in implementing new directions and enhanced results seek her out.

Government agencies and senior leaders call upon her for her insights and expertise when they want to reposition themselves, rapidly reconnect teams after restructures, transform organisation cultures and increase engagement with staff and stakeholders – all with a focus on delivering results.

Diana excels in these areas.

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