Do you need to rapidly solve relationship problems or make difficult decisions within your organisation?

Do you waste time worrying what to say so you won’t hurt people?

Sometimes people and groups work well together and at other times they don’t. Personalities, behaviours, and values differ. Unless you’re a relationship expert, how to solve these challenges isn’t always obvious.


Diana is one of a handful of sociometrists in the world who can help you improve your organisational relationships and behaviour so your teams work well together and act quickly when needed.

“Diana isn’t an off the shelf advisor. Her approach is perceptive and sometimes uncomfortable; this is because we work with the real issues that create progress. Her unique and highly participative approach Diana assisted us to easily address, then resolve these, creating great progress.”
General Manager

Whether it’s:

Implementing New Directives

Needing to Reconnect People After Restructuring

Transform Organisation Culture

Increase Engagement Between Staff and Leaders

Sometimes you need sound advice to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

All it can take is one candid conversation to get the advice you need, and other times the challenge requires more discussion. Receiving the guidance you need enables you to quickly and effectively resolve the situation and move on.

You can have unlimited access to Diana for perceptive and candid advice via phone, e-mail, and digital and live face-to-face.