The informal networks behind the organisation chart

A key application of sociomelric investigations is to enable connections between the formal managerial decision network displayed by the organisation chart, and the informal networks behind the chart, which facilitates the work of the company.

Formal Organisation Chart
hover here to see the informal network of relationshipsFormal Organisation Chart
Informal Network of Relationshipsinformal network of relationships

This informal network of relationships is in response to the criteria:  Who do you choose to discuss your work concerns with?

You can see the map of the informal networks shows that Andrea, the Creative Director, is isolated from her team and her peers. They don’t choose her to discuss their work concerns with, and she doesn’t choose them. What might be going on there? While Andrea has a formal reporting relationship with her boss John, he does not choose her to discuss his work concerns. There is work to be done in this Company to strengthen the working relationships.

Account Manager Jim is the hub of this informal network (he is the sociometric star on this criteria). In choosing Jim, John the CEO is likely to be well informed through the formal reporting relationship. However as the choice is not mutual, i.e. Jim doesn’t choose John. This means John is likely to be excluded from the informal discussions of work concerns. Jim may, or may not keep him informed of the concerns of others. There is work to be done with the relationships in this company.

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