Thriving relationships support a healthy bottom line

How people work together within an organisation impacts the results that are being produced.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • People work in isolated silos resulting in misunderstandings, duplicated work, and deadlines not being met
  • Conflicts are handled poorly, eroding trust and resulting in careless work
  • You have a vision of an ideal culture within your organisation, but the reality is very different
  • Teams don’t know how to resolve challenges on their own and so leaders have to step in, resulting in lost time and delay in initiatives

The strategies Diana employs using sociometry can help your organisation.

What is sociometry?

Sociometry is the social science of relationships.

Sociometry enables us to measure, map and develop relationships so that the invisible forces within an organisation are made visible and can be explored. Sociometry is an essential tool for people to build mature group networks and positive relationship behaviours.

In essence, sociometry helps groups and individuals make necessary changes to function as more dynamic and successful work groups.

As one of a handful of sociometrists in the world, Diana can help your organisation develop healthy and resilient relationships.