Leadership is a core business asset. Invest in your leaders and you invest in the future of your organisation

Do you want greater confidence in facing both complex relationship problems and new situations?

Diana works with senior leaders providing one-on-one coaching, as a sounding board, a behind-the-scenes resource, gives honest feedback, and acts as a devil’s advocate on important issues.

One hour with Diana is worth 100 hours with another coach!
Senior Executive, International Government Agency

Results leaders report from working with Diana include:

  • Enhanced reputation to inspire and motivate people
  • Confidence in outcomes with difficult conversations
  • Lead great meetings
  • Transition rapidly into new roles
  • Create productive work cultures
  • Provide direction amidst chaotic circumstances
  • Eliminate time wasting meetings
  • Take a stand and maintain companionable relationships
  • Build relationships of mutual benefit
  • Be increasingly chosen for leadership roles

These results enable leaders to achieve dramatic progress; professionally, personally and in their organisations.

“Diana cuts to the chase in the first powerful session – this is a gutsy thing to do and meant we achieved the goals we had set.”
Deputy Chief Executive

Diana draws on leader’s own experience and expertise to assist them to create the impact they want to have.

“Diana’s relaxed but efficient approach worked well for me, and much was achieved in our sessions. I uncovered things and found approaches that will serve me well for the rest of my life.”