Leaders with executive presence influence others and drive results

Do you want to dramatically improve your capacity to inspire and influence?

Enhance your reputation for results?

Rapidly connect with others in challenging settings, remain calm, and maintain relationships?

Do you often wish you were more confident and have greater influence and impact?

Do you hold back from saying what you think because you fear you will hurt people?

“Executive Presence is a highly targeted, tailored and impactful programme and Diana is a masterful coach. Diana cuts through all of the clutter and got to the heart of what will make a difference for me in managing and leading from the front. It was a bit uncomfortable at times but hugely refreshing and valuable.”
Deputy Chief Executive

We have been heading in the wrong direction in developing leaders. It’s not skills, tools, and techniques that determine whether a leader will be successful. It is a leader’s behaviour and relationships that has the greatest impact on their success.

Leadership is a relationship capacity. To be seen as confident and capable of leading others, Executive Presence is a core capacity.

These programmes help leaders dramatically expand their Executive Presence:

Compelling Executive Presence for Deputy Chief Executives

Specifically directed to Deputy Chief Executives who want to expand their influence, alliances, visibility and gravitas as they make system wide interventions and progress their careers.

Executive Presence for General Managers and Directors

This is designed for GMs and Directors wanting to increase their influence and impact with ministers, stakeholders, senior leaders, peers, staff and throughout their sector.

Executive Presence for Managers and Principal Advisors

For those who want to dramatically increase their influence with Ministers and senior leadership teams.

NOTE: The Executive Presence Programme will be offered in 2022.
Please contact Diana if you require further information.

“Executive Presence is a superb professional development course that gives a whole new meaning to ‘learning by doing’. As a result of doing Executive Presence, I have deepened my self-confidence as a leader and strengthened my personal ownership of my role as a leader. Diana is incredibly skilled at working with the group to do practical leadership exercises, and leading each person in the group on their own journey of self-discovery about their leadership potential.”
Chief Executive, Crown Entity CE

What is Executive Presence?

Executive Presence and Trust

Executive Presence – Generating Different Perspectives

Executive Presence Podcast Series

Leaders who balance technical and professional competence, their track record, credibility, authenticity and personal qualities draw people to them. This podcast series is dedicated to assisting leaders expand their influence and impact in challenging settings.

12 Criteria for Executive Presence

Take this self- assessment to identify and tackle your default behaviours that undermine success and determine your level of Executive Presence.