One hour with Diana is worth 100 hours with another coach!
– Senior Executive, International Government Agency

Leaders come to me wanting greater confidence in facing new situations such as how to:

  • Inspire and motivate people
  • Be confident of outcomes with difficult conversations
  • Lead great meetings
  • See things from a range of perspectives and provide direction
  • Transition into new roles
  • Create productive work cultures
  • Provide direction amidst chaotic circumstances
  • Eliminate time wasting meetings
  • Take a stand and maintain companionable relationships
  • Build relationships of mutual benefit
  • Describe results rather than actions
  • Be increasingly chosen for leadership roles

I work with senior leaders providing one-on-one coaching, as a sounding board, a behind-the-scenes resource, give honest feedback, and as a devil’s advocate on important issues. These roles enable leaders to achieve dramatic results; professionally, personally and in their organisations.

My focus with leaders is the personal aspect of professional development enabling them to make sense of feedback that has captured their interest. I draw on their own experience and expertise and assist leaders to create the impact they want to have.

Diana has the ability to address and discuss the root causes of behaviours as opposed to the symptoms. Diana doesn’t back away from the hard teaching point she seeks to pass on. She cuts to the chase in the first powerful session – this is a gutsy thing to do and meant we achieved the goals we had set.
– Deputy Secretary

How does Diana work?

I get together with the leader and his or her manager. We discuss the outcomes the leaders wants by having a coach. We discuss their motivation for developing these capacities, and how we would measure success. Together we establish the value to the leader, the group and organisation if they develop these abilities.

My coaching programmes for a series of sessions or 3, 6 or 12 months. Several options of interacting with me are available.

Leaders who work with me develop increased confidence in their abilities to develop trusted relationships.

Discuss the outcomes you want with Diana >
Diana’s relaxed but efficient approach worked well for me, and much was achieved in our hour long sessions. I responded readily and well to her strategies for first uncovering the issues for me and secondly finding useful approaches for dealing with them. I enjoyed the range of tools Diana had available for getting to the heart of the matter. I uncovered things and found approaches that will serve me well for the rest of my life.
– QC