Executive Coaching

Leaders come to me wanting greater confidence in facing new situations such as how to:

  • Inspire and motivate people
  • Be confident of outcomes with difficult conversations
  • Lead great meetings
  • See things from a range of perspectives and provide direction
  • Transition into new roles
  • Create productive work cultures
  • Provide direction amidst chaotic circumstances
  • Eliminate time wasting meetings
  • Take a stand and maintain companionable relationships
  • Build relationships of mutual benefit
  • Describe results rather than actions
  • Be increasingly chosen for leadership roles

I work with senior leaders providing one-on-one coaching, as a sounding board, a behind-the-scenes resource, give honest feedback, and as a devil’s advocate on important issues. These roles enable leaders to achieve dramatic results; professionally, personally and in their organisations.

My focus with leaders is the personal aspect of professional development enabling them to make sense of feedback that has captured their interest. I draw on their own experience and expertise and assist leaders to create the impact they want to have.

How does Diana work?

I get together with the leader and his or her manager. We  discuss the outcomes the leaders wants by having a coach. We discuss their motivation for developing these capacities, and how we would measure success.  Together we establish the value to the leader, the group and organisation if they develop these abilities.

My coaching programmes for a series of sessions or 3, 6 or 12 months. Several options of interacting with me are available.

Leaders who work with me develop increased confidence in their abilities to develop trusted relationships.

One hour with Diana is worth 100 hours with another coach! —Senior Executive, International Government Agency

Group Manager:
Diana interacts in the language of the everyday issues I faced – that she doesn’t do psychobabble was invaluable for me being reserved by nature and analytical by temperament. She bridges the gap between a mentor and professional advisor. I learned small shifts have a big influence in altering my behaviour, the impact I have, and being a catalyst for others to shift their behaviours and responses. Our sessions coincided with restructuring where the effect of the 555
Pip Hall, President of the New Zealand Writers’ Guild:
Diana helped me develop a plan for conducting a performance review of our Executive Director. I'm a writer with little management experience, so this was extremely daunting, especially as the process had been unsatisfactory for both the Board and the Executive Director in the past. Diana helped me develop a model that was simple, relevant and effective. She coached me through the process and empowered me and the Executive Director to make it our own. Diana's patience, encouragement and generosity with her expertise gave me the confidence to lead the review and enable a collaborative working relationship with the Executive Director. Diana's guidance with the process was extremely positive and beneficial for both me and the Executive Director.
Diana’s relaxed but efficient approach worked well for me, and much was achieved in our hour long sessions. I responded readily and well to her strategies for first uncovering the issues for me and secondly finding useful approaches for dealing with them. I enjoyed the range of tools Diana had available for getting to the heart of the matter. I uncovered things and found approaches that will serve me well for the rest of my life.
Diana helped me as I entered a new role in understanding how to approach it, building on my strengths and applying tools to enhance my effectiveness. She made use of very "real time" methods that enabled me to look at every day issues from different angles but respond with generic principles.
Diana’s genuine interest and support, along with her wisdom, after the ‘commercial deal’ was completed stands out in my mind.
Chief Advisor
Diana's approach makes learning challenging and fun; working on the hard stuff and having fun. I now enjoy the process of growing and developing. She brings a huge depth of practical experience in developing leaders. She doesn’t roll out a management speak formula. Diana's executive coaching is built off a robust depth of knowledge and practical real life examples.
Deputy Secretary
Diana has the ability to address and discuss the root causes of behaviours as opposed to the symptoms. Diana doesn’t back away from the hard teaching point she seeks to pass on. She cuts to the chase in the first powerful session – this is a gutsy thing to do and meant we achieved the goals we had set.
I recommend Diana to people who are looking to cement themselves into a leadership role or where they are about to take the next step into a leadership role. Diana has the ability to span across all of the different values, attributes and key result areas that any leader needs and she drills down into each of them quickly and easily to find different gems that will help each person.
GM, Corporate Services
Diana's insights, creativity and personal style helped me to develop new ways of thinking about how best to achieve my professional development goals. I thoroughly enjoy working with Diana, and value her experience and practical suggestions and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting assistance with their professional and personal development.
General Manager
Diana’s coaching for interview preparation was better than I had ever experienced. She has a very interactive approach, instilling confidence and self awareness quietening the negative voice within and turning into a positive one. I found it especially enlightening as to how others would perceive me in an interview situation
Group Manager
To support leaders to improve their performance during one-on-one coaching, Diana is prepared to have the courageous conversations that others may shy away from. In these sessions she uses a variety of descriptors of behaviours to help move from one approach to more effective interactions. I frequently reflect on the tools and techniques discussed and practised with Diana and how utilising them has improved my impact on the people I work with.
Operations Manager
Diana is an excellent judge of character, is very good at assessing people, particularly their strengths and weaknesses. Once the assessment is made and understood, Diana’s offers tips and advice on how to successfully interrelate with other people and gets to the heart of what needs to change, with support and encouragement. Diana’s methods of working are of great value; especially in role playing and taking an inward look at one’s self. The time we spent in coaching was the most advantageous in all the leadership training I have undertaken
Special Counsel
Diana’s strength for me is in making me feel comfortable in the training situation, particularly when she is challenging me on the spot. She has helped me grow and develop much faster than I would have otherwise, by putting the spotlight on the way I communicate and look to others in meetings. She also has the skill of working out very quickly what I find challenging. She has helped me learn how to deal with these.