Consulting and Advisory work

Diana works with senior leaders and their teams, who want to inspire confidence and authenticity in themselves and those they work with to produce outstanding results. She works across a range of sectors, in fact anywhere where relationships with people and groups are important.

Many of the organisations Diana works with are in constant states of change. There are shifts in context, direction and people in response to:

  • external drivers e.g. financial crises, political will or where services, stakeholder relationships or profitability shifts radically
  • new services being developed
  • shifts in direction
  • new leaders enter the team or leave

These shifts mean that the structures of organisation no longer sustain for long periods. Increasingly in New Zealand, particularly in the public sector, organisations restructure every year, eighteen months or two years. That means changes of Chief Executive, of members of leadership teams, elements of the core business, or ways in which services are delivered need new networks of relationships to deliver. Diana excels in this area.


Diana isn’t an off the shelf advisor. Her approach is perceptive and sometimes uncomfortable; this is because we work with the real issues that create progress. She facilitates in a way that we as leaders are confronted by ourselves – it is up to us. She helped us to understand rapidly to work with the real things. Some of these were unexpected. Using her unique and highly participative approach Diana assisted us to easily address, then resolve these, creating great progress.  Importantly to me, Diana also gave us significant ways of accepting team members joining or leaving our group while remaining focused and connected.  –  General Manager