Diana’s Podcast Channels

Executive Presence Series

Executive Presence series is a podcast series dedicated to assisting leaders expand their influence and impact in challenging settings. Each podcast focuses on a particular area of Executive Presence. Listeners come away with specific actions they can take to dramatically increase their impactful contributions in interpersonal and group settings.

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Language of Leadership Series

The Language of Leadership podcast series is dedicated to assisting leaders ensure their spoken and written language is compelling, succinct and relevant. Listeners learn which words create emotional connections, and how to use three specific words to create collaboration engagement, and accountability. Included are phrases which create relationships; with to speak to people rather than about people. The series includes methods to ensure whoever you are communicating with, you are succinct, compelling and personable.

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At the Heart of the Matter

The At the Heart of the Matter podcast series is produced specifically for leaders who want to have increasingly sound work relationships and dramatically expand their effectiveness with team and workplace dilemmas. The series includes podcasts on changing workplace culture, effective teams, difficult conversations, and psychological resilience.

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