Why are you feeling so tired?

Jen’s opening bid in our coaching sessions was ‘I’m tired. Exhausted really’. Letting her comment sink in, I looked at her and asked her ‘What’s making you tired?’ Knowing something of her work over the year I followed that with ‘think back to the start of this year, what new things have you done?’ What have you achieved this year?’
Yes, it is ‘year-end’ in New Zealand with December and January combining long summer vacations and a festive season.
Jen looks down and puts a dash on the page, and writes a comment. After 9 dashes and 9 comments, she sites back and laughs. ‘I am beginning to see the connection’, she grins.
Jen and I discuss what 1 -2 things might she do each day/week to keep refreshed for the remainder of the year. There is no point in arriving at vacation time, exhausted, then take 5 days to rest enough to enjoy your holiday.
Take time now to reflect on your year. Look back and note your successes and achievements of the past year.
What 3 – 4 things have you achieved this year? What are the new things you have done? What 3 – 4 things are you really proud of?
What have you learned about yourself as a leader?
What action(s) can you take daily to keep yourself refreshed? Don’t wait. Begin that now.

© Diana Jones