All Blacks in the boardroom?

How do you know you are making progress? What signals are you using to assess your development as leaders? How can we make meaningful assessments of our progress and build on our development?

I had a chance to do this with a group of senior leaders. Six of the 8 participants from April 2016 Executive Presence participated in an Executive Presence Mastery session in August this year. This was a chance for us to get together as a group and review where each leader had landed compared with what they had set out to do last April. It was a chance to identify successes, learning and next steps. I also wanted to teach 2 -3 exciting new things.
As pre-work, each leader made an assessment from 1 – 10 of their original goals; one being no progress, 10 being ‘fit for purpose’. We then reflected together on the following questions.
  • What are you most proud of since the programme?
  • What are you doing that has really worked for you?
  • What is one area/situation/relationship where you want greater success or effectiveness?
  • What isn’t being used and now needs to be?
  • How will you know you are making progress?
  • What is your absolute top priority for change/improvement?
  • Any reasons you believe you’ve been held back or unsuccessful in any areas?
Group members hadn’t met together for over a year, yet four things were immediately apparent:
  • the collegial quality of their interpersonal relationships
  • the significant progress of each person
  • their willingness to engage confidently and purposefully with one another
  • their ambition to build on what they had learned.

If you don’t review your progress, whether this is weekly, monthly or annually, how do you know you are expanding your capacities to lead well? Who might you do this with?

© Diana Jones