Relevant, Satisfying And Compelling Leadership Meetings – Fit For A Purpose

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Are you are frustrated at times in your leadership team meetings?

“How are we doing?” is a worthwhile question for leaders to ask their team every few months. Reviewing progress helps to keep your team purpose, and ways of doing things, relevant in the face of change. 

Consider group membership, direction, emphasis, and the relevance of your agenda.

Here are six areas to assess your team to ensure your meetings are fit for purpose:

  • What is the purpose of our leadership team meetings?
  • How satisfied am I with my participation and contributions in these meetings?
  • How well do our meetings assist with the smooth running of the overall business:
  • Leading our business units
    • Helping me make decisions and take action to progress the business
    • How well we develop our staff
    • Our customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • How well do our meetings benefit our staff?
  • For our meetings to be relevant, satisfying, and compelling, what are one or two suggestions I could offer to improve any of these areas?
  • Who in the team do I need to strengthen a working relationship with so these meetings are more satisfying for everyone involved?

Your responses to these questions will keep conversations focused, and ensure your meetings are relevant and engaging for everyone involved.

Contact me and discuss a team review for your leadership meetings.

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