April 2019 Update 
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At the heart of every positive relationship are mutual connections based on shared experiences, understandings and values. Recognition of these shared connections enable us to ‘be known. This in turn helps us relax and bring our genuine selves forward. 

Diana Jones
, Leadership Material p 33
Taking people with you 
Come from Away was one of the Broadway shows David and I chose on our recent visit to New York. An unlikely and poignant musical based on the 39 planes which were diverted to a small Newfoundland town for a week during the 9/11 disaster.

The story centred on the interactions with town of 7000 people accepting an equal number of bewildered stranded travellers desperate to be with their work colleagues or families.

The story centred on the interactions with town of 7000 people accepting an equal number of bewildered stranded travellers desperate to be with their work colleagues or families. The awkwardness, delights, and setbacks which any new relationships include made the story easy to relate to within the dramatic heart rending setting of this life event.   

It was a full house and the cast returned twice to the standing ovation. The emotional tone of audience was appreciative, poignant and filled with hopefulness. Then this was cut short. Two actors came onto the stage and proceeded to invite donation for an aids foundation. They championed the director of the foundation and his work, and directed us as the audience to leave our donations with the ushers at the exists.  

The emotional tone shifted from tender appreciation and reflection to practical action. Most people left the theatre rapidly including us. Few donations were collected. By not tuning in with their audience, these two actors drove their own agenda, although for an obviously good cause, cutting across the strong feeling of audience appreciation.  

My own feeling was of being held captive for several minutes, as if for an advertisement which yes, a compelling essential cause but the timing, channel of communication and not taking the audience with them, had me wondering how to escape the theatre. The shift from being skilled actors and entertainers to being opportunistic fundraisers was intrusive and not welcomed. My appreciation of the show lessened. The actors let their own political agenda drive their audience interaction. That didn’t work for me, and from what I saw and sensed, it didn’t work for many others. 

How often do you cut across the warm up of your team, and don’t take people with you? How often do you fail to think through the consequences of your communications and let the impact of your specialist knowledge and interests dominate the interests of the groups you work with?  

Photo: Speaker’s dinner at the Million Dollar Consulting Convention, Washington DC April 2019.

Lisa Larter, Val Wright, Maria Weiss, Rob Oddi, Lou Heckler, Stuart Nash, Amy Segomi, Alan Weiss, Jeffery Scott, Liz Bywater and Diana Jones 


Decide how you want people to experience working with you

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Exciting news. With more than 400 Executive Presence graduates, I have decided to differentiate the programme expanding the number of people who can participate. From here on, these professional development opportunities will be circulated in a mid-month email. Compelling Executive Presence for Deputy Chief Executives which focusses on system wide interventions, and influence in governance settings. 

  • Executive Presence for GM’s and Directors who want to expand their visibility, influence and impact in the organisation and sector.  

  • Executive Presence for managers and principal advisors who want to increase their impact and influence with Minsters and senior leadership teams.  

Each programme has a similar structure with differentiated preparation and content. Contact Diana for more information 

Executive Presence for Managers and Principal Advisors  
The June programme is for experienced managers and principal advisors who work directly with senior leadership teams and Ministers. Enrol directly with Diana here 

Programme outline and dates here 

Yes, there will be an Executive Presence programme for experienced GM’s and Directors - July 2019 

Programme outline and dates here - Click here to view

Sociometry... Action seminar – finding connections that matter

Thursday 16th May, 11 – 1pm
Leap Dojo Level 8/93 The Terrace


Do you want to increase your visibility and influence? How do others get to know you rapidly and relevantly? What criteria helps you connect easily with others?
In this experimental session, Diana Jones will help us explore moment by moment choices and connections within the group and make sense of both formal and informal networks of relationships. $35  Enrol with Diana here

Update from Havana 

Did you know? Did you know there is a Museum dedicated to Napoleon in Havana, Cuba? Yes there is. This immaculately kept art collection, library and artefacts belonged to Julio Lobo, sugar cane magnate who was a Napoleon fanatic. The beautifully restored 4 storey palazzo and collection was resented to the city of Havana when Lobo exiled to the US in 1959. Mystery solved by the generosity and intel of one of the museum guardians. 

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