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People want a sense of belonging and being valued; they want to influence what is happening whenever they are with others. Most organisation structures fail to account for this softer side of life, but leaders who harness this achieve great results

Diana Jones
, Leadership Material page
Crises Leadership from the heart 
As salaam aleikum, Kia ora koutou, Nihau, Hello everyone, Talofa lava

What struck me with the horrific event of last week was that leaders from all over New Zealand stood up and were counted. Community leaders, religious leaders, local government leaders, and central government leaders worked together.
Abdul Aziz acted. He called the gunman, ‘over here’. He threw an eftpos machine at him, dodged between cars, then picked up a discarded gun and hurled it through the terrorist’s windscreen, shattering it. 'That made him frightened and drive off.’ Without second thoughts for Adbul Aziz, he is a hero for many of us. 

Others have done things they have never done before. Many spoke to crowds far larger than they would have encountered before. What else struck me was it was not just rhetoric, thoughts and prayers although they were essential too, the emphasis was on action; kind, empathetic, and pragmatic action. We learned to walk in one another’s shoes.
They collaborated. We responded. We came in droves to pay our respects, helped, participated in vigils, became friendly to strangers, donated, marched, lit candles, and began to get to know the victims of the tragedy.

Going forward from here  by what means can we sustain our responsiveness to one another and not retreat? How do we ensure we create emotional connections that matter with one another.  Divisions based on political ideology, religious beliefs, ethnicity or identity stifle connectedness whereas relationships based on shared human experience create vitality and understanding. Then we can have difficult conversations with one another. As individuals, professionals and as a nation, we have  a greater chance to not make our differences the main thing.  Diana Jones © March 2019

Executive Presence ensure people give their best in meetings

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Executive Presence for Experienced Senior Executives 
This  May programme is specifically for experienced senior leaders wanting to expand their influence, alliances, visibility and gravitas as they make system wide interventions. Ideal for experienced GM’s from large agencies and DCE’s on the CE pathway. Contact Diana here

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Executive Presence for Managers and Principal Advisors 

The June programme is for experienced managers and principal advisors who work directly with senior leadership teams and Ministers. Enrol directly with Diana here

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Sociometry Action seminar– finding connections that matter
Thursday 16th May, 11 – 1pm Leap Dojo Level 8/93 The Terrace

Do you want to increase your visible and influence? How do others get to know you rapidly and relevantly? What criteria helps you connect easily with others?
In this experimental session, Diana Jones will help us explore moment by moment choices and connections within the group and make sense of both formal and informal networks of relationships. $35  Enrol with Diana here
Recent reads:

I have just read Bad Blood by Journalist John Carreyrou of Elizabeth Holmes' start up Theranos. I couldn’t put it down. Informal connections in the background dramatically influenced what was happening in the company.  Many of the company staff were hounded by executives spying on emails, hours in the office, litigation and non disclosure agreements creating an atmosphere of fear and paranoia. That’s just not normal yet became accepted as entrepreneurial culture. How did a young entrepreneur draw in so many experienced backers who gave millions to her company, only to lie, cheat and falsify projections? Why would a powerful experienced board form yet invite neither financial or medical expertise? Susceptibility and human frailty cost this company, investors, staff and followers dearly. 
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