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My best advice is to take ownership of your own leadership development. Listen carefully to significant others before deciding your own development outcomes. Give yourself time to develop new capacities, rather than expecting immediate results. By defining what success looks like for you, you can choose indicators that will help you to effectively track your progress.     - Diana Jones, Leadership Material p200
 The leadership gap - when meetings go awry
How often are you in meetings where
  • The conversation goes into irrelevant details
  • Someone is holding forth and it is unclear what is important
  • Someone is holding forth and they are definitely off topic?
What is happening? Essentially there is a leadership gap. What does this mean? The leader has lost their way, or group members are anxious of the consequences if they were to redirect the meeting or the meeting chair senses whoever is talking is more 'senior' than they are; by age, expertise, experience or perceived hierarchical position.
At this point the purpose of the meeting is lost. Everyone waits for someone else to take action. Of course no one wants to 'shame' someone else in a group and by calling attention to what is happening, this is a possibility.
What to do? In a recent senior leadership team meeting I was observing, the discussion was lively, progressive and possibilities for fresh and strong working relationships between two allied divisions were being agreed. The GM of the allied group belatedly joined the meeting, and proceeded to focus passionately on context. Group members went silent. They were figuring out how to participate. Frustration and impotence was apparent.  
The topic limped to a close with agreement to further discussions. The meeting structure of chair and topic sponsor stopped working. The leadership gap was evident.
How much do you value your time? Every group member has responsibility to ensure meetings are purposeful and productive. This takes courage. If you value your time, intervening AND refocusing meetings is part of your leadership repertoire.  
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Video : Increase your influence by saying NO

Executive Presence May 2019 dates are:
Friday 10th May 8.30 - 12.30pm
Friday 17th May 8.30 -12.30pm  
Friday 24th may 8.30 - 2.30pm 
This programme is for DCE's, and GM's on the CEO pathway. Contact Diana  
Wednesday 12th 8.30 - 12.30pm
Wednesday 19th 8.30 - 1230pm
Wednesday 26th 8.30 -2.30pm  
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New: Action seminar:

Sociometry....... Whakawhanaungatanga

Finding connections - an action seminar in informal and meaningful connections

Tuesday 12th March 11am - 1pm
Formal organisation structures identify the relationship between leaders and staff. Yet everyone knows that it is the informal network of relationships, the people who get together because they want to, that helps get work done.
Finding people we enjoy working with rather than the ones we have to makes work meaningful.
The originator J. L. Moreno discovered that by making choices overt and active, we would be more spontaneous, authentic and organisations and group structures become fresh, clear and lively.
What criteria helps you connect easily with others in your workplace and how do you make that connection authentic. Discover ways of being more effective and influential with your colleagues and senior leaders.
Using sociometric methods Diana Jones will help you explore moment by moment choices and connections you make within our group as we make sense of formal structures and informal networks in our emerging relationships.
ICQ LeapDojo          level 8, 93 the Terrace                       $35.00
(go through the glass doors next to Gasoline cafe)
Diana Jones is an author, leadership advisor and coach, Trainer, Educator and Practitioner with AANZPA, and staff member with the Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute
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