Maintain your Mojo to be an Effective Leader

Maintaining your mojo means giving yourself time to rest so that you can continue to be the most effective leader for your team. I’ve met too many executives who continue to work ten-hour days and seven-day weeks. Why is this?

Mostly, they don’t want to be judged by their boss or peers as weak or not resilient. The thrill of being on top of something new, making rapid decisions and innovating brings rushes of adrenalin. As inevitable complaints and criticisms emerge and build pace, adrenalin wears leaders down. Long hours without breaks are a poor solution. Meals are missed, the ongoing pressure to deliver makes it difficult to step back and gain perspective. “Put on your oxygen mask first” is apt.

Leaders who lose patience and perspective and can’t think rapidly become a risk to their organisation, their relationships and the very people they want to assist.

Leaders who lose patience and perspective become a risk to the very people they want to assist. Click To Tweet

Don’t get caught. Be kind to yourself. Maintain your mojo so you can assist others. Diary in your breaks on Sunday night, agree with peers to cover for one-another two days a week, identify three people who can step into your shoes for two days at a time, and activate these. Stay resilient and stay in the long haul in shaping the future.

© Diana Jones

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