Leadership Levers

Releasing the Power of Relationships for Exceptional Participation, Alignment, and Team Results

Everything leaders need to know to mine the untapped brilliance in their organization.

Running a Business Without Developing Relationships is like Expecting to Win the Indy 500 Without a Pit Crew

No one would dispute that today’s world is swiftly ever-changing.

Businesses need to be strategic and able to rapidly problem-solve and innovate. Nowadays, simply maintaining the status quo is certain death.

But there’s an epidemic of leadership failure—whether something as small as a meeting, or as large as implementing enterprise-wide change.

Leaders sense a gap between themselves and the teams they depend on the most to generate growth.

And yet, they struggle to know how to close that gap.

Relationships are Critical to Your Business’ Success

We’ve made some great strides as leaders, but there is still a central problem in leadership—

The inability to lead vibrant and purposeful group interactions.

Why should this matter to you?

Because the relationships and interactions already happening in your organization are ether hindering or helping business growth.

If You Want Your Organization to Thrive, Tap Into Your Internal and External Relationships

Leaders are maintaining their business relationships…not leveraging them.

Which means it’s an uphill battle to stay competitive in the business world.

This book reveals the leadership levers to release the power of relationships—to mine the brilliance that often lies dormant and untapped within organizations.

Brilliance that will help your business prosper.

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Diana Jones has managed something few others can claim – merging rigorous research with highly pragmatic and specific advice for leaders. Leaders who dedicate themselves to learning what she has to teach will not only immediately improve the likelihood of success, they will be more capable in virtually any future situation. Rarely does a book offer advice, the rationale for the advice, and tell the reader what to do when things go awry. This book should be on every leader’s desk, read and re-read because the first reading will provoke change and second allow deep understanding.
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Constance Dierickx, Ph.D., The Decision Doctor®
Diana Jones helps us to see the invisible cords of leadership – it’s not the job title or mastery of content that matters, but mastery of relationships. This book is full of insights into how we can better understand and dramatically influence the interpersonal dynamics of the leadership challenge.
Murray Sherwin, Former Chair of the New Zealand Productivity Commission
Murray Sherwin, Former Chair of the New Zealand Productivity Commission
Leadership Levers is a landmark book. Diana Jones makes the invisible visible, slaughters the sacred cows of “engagement” and ‘”consensus,” and truly shows how to release untapped potential in organisations.
Andrew Hollo Author of From Impossible to Possible
Andrew Hollo, Author of From Impossible to Possible
Diana compellingly articulates what we might intuitively know but struggle to describe. She makes the case for leadership of both the head and the heart, then methodically sets about explaining how to go about this – whether she is talking about navigating the complexity of multi-force stakeholder dynamics, the direct relationship between purpose and results, or shifting the way we should think about meetings. Insightful and pragmatic, Leadership Levers stands out for both new leaders and the experienced who are wondering why they are struggling to get results.
Susan Freeman-Greene - CEO, Local Government New Zealand
Susan Freeman-Greene, CEO, Local Government New Zealand
Reading what Diana writes is like attending an expensive high powered conference.
Ann E. Hale, TEP, Past-president American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, Author of three books on Sociometry
Ann E. Hale, TEP, Past-president American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, Author of three books on Sociometry
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About the Author

Diana Jones is a leadership advisor, executive coach, author, and is one of the few sociometrists in the world. She brings over 30 years of experience in leaders’ behavioural change.

She works with CEOs and senior leaders and their leadership teams within federal agencies, local government, small-to-medium enterprises, non-government organizations, and not-for-profits. She works across several sectors including health, business and innovation, primary industries, security, education, and social services.

She helps organizations when they want to reposition themselves, rapidly reconnect teams after restructures, transform organization cultures, and increase engagement with staff and stakeholders—all with a focus on delivering results.

Diana’s first book Leadership Material: How Personal Experience Shapes Leadership Presence holds the keys to how leaders learn as they expand their influence and impact.

Her work is quoted in Forbes and CEO magazines, and the Huffington Post.

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