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Summer reading and listening
My new book Leadership Levers is available and is gathering attention in the United States as well as here in New Zealand. If you haven’t already, take the opportunity to read it over the summer. Begin the new year by applying the ideas to create greater social cohesion and purpose in your work group and organisation.

I have several articles in FAST COMPANY and have been interviewed by a number of podcasters.

Hunter Hastings and I had a great conversation on his Economics for Business Podcast. We discussed how relationships are fundamental to systems thinking, how covid restrictions have shattered the valuable informal networks of relationships in our organizations and leaders’ roles in refreshing these going forward and not rely on the formal structure to get work done. We opened up a new model of leadership, where leaders are guardians of group development, not just meeting managers.

You can listen here, or on Apple Podcasts here.

Ellie Nieves and I had an early morning conversation on her Leadership Strategies for Women podcast, you can listen here.

Fast Company has published two articles of mine, from my book.
One is Four ways leaders can be more vulnerable with their teams where I discuss the functions, purpose, and practice of leaders’ vulnerability, intimacy, and self-disclosure in work settings.

The second article focuses on the power of the informal networks of relationships in organisations–the human bonds everyone needs in order to participate, confidently contribute, and find work satisfying. If you want to unleash the hidden talents in your organisation, read this.
Leaders: You can’t call yourself transparent if you are not doing this.

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