Fresh Flowers and Great Leadership Teams

Group facilitators work in all sorts of venues, most of them sterile and without inspiration. In my very first workshop, I took a bunch of tulips and asked for a vase. I was given a large jug. In went the tulips. In spite of the mismatch, several participants commented on the flowers.

Three things struck me: 

  • Participants’ delight in seeing something bright and fresh in the room
  • Their capacity to shift from what was at hand to something immediately in front of them, creating a fresh start
  • These former two things spark an openness to one another and the work at hand, creating a fresh start.

Over the years of facilitating group sessions, I have continued to take a bunch of fresh flowers. I am convinced the flowers help create fresh approaches and new responses in each group. The flowers remind me that my job is to create texture within the group where this has been lost, and vibrancy and new growth where it may be lacking.

No alt text provided for this imageLeaders who tend to the group environment ensure six results:

  1. Collaboration, confidence and trust increases
  2. Concerns and roadblocks are tabled and discussed rather than avoided
  3. The group makes faster decisions
  4. They readily share customer and organisation intel
  5. The depth and quality of discussion increases
  6. The ‘real’ agenda emerges and people have the conversation they want to have

If you are seeing team members… 

  • Reluctant to talk
  • Dominating the conversation
  • Falling into the same old, unproductive group dynamic
  • Lacking action post-meeting

…talk with me.

Leaders bring wisdom, direction and judgement to their meetings. They also do better if they bring me. If you want to learn how to spark openness and healthy interaction among your team members, contact Diana.

© Diana Jones

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