Executive Presence for GM’s and Directors

Programme Starts: July 2020

The July programme is full.
Register your interest in future programmes by emailing Diana directly.

Executive Presence provides the opportunity for senior executives to increase their awareness of their impact on others, and develop their confidence and effectiveness when contributing ideas and direction in groups.

This Executive Presence Programme provides you with the opportunity to have the presence and impact you want through:

  • Presenting yourself in ways that conveys and engenders confidence
  • Using effective behaviours in a variety of group environments and situations, and judgement in when to apply these
  • Increased authenticity and credibility through positive relationships
  • A greater awareness and understanding of your impact on others and how to create the impression and presence needed
  • A greater understanding of group dynamics especially at executive level and chairing meetings and your own role and impact within these settings


The programme runs over 4 months and is structured to maximize learning and application.



VENUE: Wellington Conference Centre: level 7, Chartered Accountants House, 50 Customhouse Quay

ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: Experienced member of senior leadership team, trusted advsior with Ministers or Board, leads and participates in high level cross-government groups.

Email Diana by clicking here, or via your CE or sponsor.