Typical client projects

Participative organisation culture

Transparent organisation culture, increased collaboration, team leadership

Leadership team development, setting strategy, organisation design, stakeholder relationships

Leadership team alignment, increased collaboration

Developing leaders who lead change and inspire collaboration

Leadership team development and whole-group strategic conversations

Strategic conversations, building collaboration, shared outcomes and transparent processes

Leadership team development, strong relationship between regions and central agency with shared practices

Shared lens on services, role clarity with a diverse group of professionals

Effective stakeholder relationships for enduring engagement

Enhanced effectiveness and shared methodologies

Leadership team development, strategic stakeholder relationships, Ministry agency and group strategic and business plans aligned

Enhanced leadership, effective teams, strategic conversations, increased collaboration across departments,

Enhanced relationships in change process

Strategic conversations

Leadership programmes and executive coaching: personal / professional development

Implementing national policy and procedures

Effective leadership, strategic direction, governance, accountability interactions clarified, improved organisation performance, development and launch of new business group, strong identity with clients,

Strategy and tactics in a rapidly changing environment

Enhanced performance conversations

Improved business performance, collaboration across departments, leadership effectiveness with streamlined reporting new product launch, improved organisation performance

Leadership programme: Banking on women; enhanced leadership and participation

Strategy and tactics in changing environment

Effective Leadership, collaboration for improved business performance

More effective leadership, increased collaboration across departments, alignment with strategic direction

Refocused services in rapidly changing commercial environment, increased collaboration throughout organisation

Effective performance conversations, role clarity

Increased leadership effectiveness, collaboration across departments, nimble processes