Action Learning Groups

Diana facilitates both in-house and across agency Action Learning Groups. These are one-year peer learning groups for up eight participants who meet monthly.

Why participate in an Action Learning Group?
In today’s fast-paced work environment there is a risk managers don’t take the time to reflect on their experience as leaders and develop their thinking, skills and their own network of support. Action Learning Groups (ALGs) are a useful way of providing the opportunity for managers to do this, and for leaders to build collaborative networks for problem solving current leadership dilemmas. Comprising 8 – 10 participants, these groups provide the following contributions to your leadership development:

  • A supportive and challenging environment to assist individual development;
  • The opportunity to work through the thorny issues leaders experience in their day to day work;
  • Peer learning, which includes giving, and receiving feedback with peers
  • Opportunities for cross agency collaboration and cross-fertilisation of talent and ideas

“ The ALG provides a safe, open forum for us to raise and discuss current issues arising within our work context and to share our experiences and skills. At another level, the group has developed a strong collegial bond and we thoroughly enjoy the limited time that we have together and supporting each other in whatever way we can” says one participant.