Dodging a bullet

dodging a bullet

The February covid lockdown was inevitable.

With the increased potency of the virus, specialized workers and New Zealanders returning all risks new potent strains crossing the border and entering the community. At the time of writing, the initial cases, and cause, had yet to be identified.

How much risk are you willing to take? Similar to drink-driving, there’s a risk. If you drive after a few drinks you are likely to be caught or have an accident.

If we accept Covid arriving into our country even with self-isolation, managed isolation, and quarantine hotels, social distancing, masks, genome tracing, and QR tracing, we risk community transmission.

Then it happened. Auckland Level 3 lockdown.

For three days. There were massive disruptions to schools, businesses, and everyday lives. No new cases, then three cases, then no new cases despite thousands of tests.

What does this teach us? How do we weigh up the risks of the potential rapid spread of a disease with the disruption of family and business?

How are you allaying the inevitable anxieties that arise in your organisation?

At what point do lockdowns become business as usual in your organisation?

© Diana Jones

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