Collaborations That Enhance Customer Experience

Events conspire. When events work in our favour, we achieve dramatically. When they don’t, we are managing a nightmare. The same can be said for the customer experience.

I have a tooth implant procedure underway—my first. I’m don’t like dental experiences at the best of times. This response most likely stems from my primary school experiences with Nurse Pain. I kid you not – foot-propelled drills, a name called from the sheet on the clipboard, and more recently, injections. Unpleasant at the best of times.

The process extended over months with the covid lockdown. Making the tooth mold didn’t work, coupled with my super healthy gums growing over the implant knob requiring minor surgery. Ugh.

My dentist conferred with the specialist. They decided to work together with me in the same session.

How To Enhance Customer Experience

Enduring Solutions Lift The Spirits And Conditions Of Those Involved

Have you braved the Netflix show Ozark? How did the authors create so many despicable characters? I endured several episodes during lockdown before realising I couldn’t sleep after watching. Well, I had the opposite experience. What stood out with this dental experience was the level of care that went into the customer experience. Both practitioners had my experience top of mind. Both were personable, skilled, and worked together seamlessly in their new setting. They had customer experience top of mind. Both knew of my anxiety with dental experiences, and both worked to minimise my discomfort. They kept me informed of what was happening and let me know of the progress being made.

How well are you reversing your customers’ and stakeholders’ roles to ensure your work with them in their best interests?

What collaborations can you make to stand out from the crowd with a customer experience that creates impact? Share on X

The Collaboration That Oozes Generosity For Everyone Involved

What might a marketing company, a bank, a sports stadium, and a local business have in common? Plenty it turns out. The leaders have a mindset to collaborate and add value to one another. Dentsu Network, ASB, NZRugby, and the Eden Park CEO created a competition won by Cooper’s Catch Fish and Chips from Kaikoura. The result – naming rights for a week for the tiny South Island business at Eden Park for the Second Bledisloe cup match. There is massive publicity for a local business, and rugby fans had unexpected access to a classic New Zealand meal during the game. And I have diaried in a trip to Kaikoura with a fish and chip lunch from Cooper’s Catch.

What collaborations might you make to stand out from the crowd with customer experiences that impact?

Talk with me if you want to reverse roles with stakeholders and see things from their perspective. After all, knowing your service’s impact through your stakeholders’ eyes differentiates exceptional companies from bureaucracies.

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