Beyond Lockdown

Reconnecting people within your organisation is important during a crisis and as you transition through crises.

One way to help people reconnect personally and be ready to focus on work is to lead your own storytelling Reconnect session with your team.

The four stages to create the new normal:

  1. Regroup: Your speediest entry to productivity is through sharing personal stories, not work tasks. Regenerate and expand informal networks of relationships based on care, trust and influence. These are more important than structural solutions.
  2. Reshape: Sharing experience and insights is just as important as sharing knowledge as people return to workplaces.
  3. Refresh: It is up to you to define and implement the new normal. Create trust and unity by using metrics that matter to your staff and customers.
  4. Respond: Reputation is everything. There is no such thing as ‘going back’. Innovation is the future. This is up to you.

Watch the video below or read the blog on the Four Stages to Inspiring Re-entry, Reconnect, Reform, Refresh, and Respond.