Are You Thriving Or Barely Surviving?

There are at least three criteria for working successfully in organisations:

  • Technical abilities
  • Experience
  • The qualities you have when working with others – relationships

Decades ago, staff was expected to do as managers said. Then, expertise and some experience were sufficient to be appointed to leadership roles. Increasingly a third factor is necessary – people having positive experiences through working alongside you as they produce results.


Some leaders find that creating a culture where people want to work together can be challenging.

Increasingly, leaders are expected to work with teams where group members may not know one another, or group membership is unstable with people in acting roles, or where the organisation’s purpose and priorities are shifting. New approaches are necessary.

Learning from our organisation’s experiences is fast becoming the norm. Early in my career, leadership development programmes were month-long or week-long events. Currently, we accept that people can develop their abilities by learning on the job.

Three ways to assist on the job learning:

  • Managers giving responsive feedback 
  • leadership coaching leadership success
  • Challenging assignments with strong governance or a mentor

New roles, shifting organisation structures and different priorities require leaders to use new approaches. They have to develop greater abilities in leading diverse groups of people, – making work meaningful for group members under rapidly changing circumstances, and continue to deliver services and products relevant to customers and clients.

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