Travelling for 18 months in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia opened her eyes to the interwoven impacts of culture, the kindness of people, history, and world events. She continues to travel extensively and this year she visited Havana in Cuba.

She taught at Victoria University, Wellington in the Applied Master’s programme. Her speciality was the development of policy and its application in practice. Stifled by the pragmatic gap in the world of concepts and ideas, and what works in practice, she spent 1000’s of hours in groups where the content was the participants lives and relationships. Here she learned how adults change their behaviour, how groups work, the centrality of relationships to behaviour, and the nature of impact, influence and leadership.

Armed with capacities to make the invisible visible, and therefore discussable, she worked with leaders and teams developing strategies, bringing elephants into board rooms, and reshaping their futures to live their business intentions.

Diana places high value on criterion for working relationships, reading perceptions, and strengthening self-insight. She found ways to assist leaders connect relevantly with one another which dramatically increased their vitality, purposefulness and the results they produce.

Her book is Leadership Material: how personal experience shapes leadership presence holds the keys to how leaders learn.

Her Executive Presence programme has over 450 graduates and attracts comments like, compelling, unique, inspiring, freeing and impactful.

She work has been published in, CEO Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

Diana brings professional rigour and experience including:

  • as lecturer and academic supervisor to graduates at Victoria University NZ
  • designed and developed month long interactive leadership programmes with the NZ College of Management, and was Course Director for three years
  • being trained with the Centre for Creative Leadership in North Carolina in 360 degree feedback, business simulations and as an organisation behaviour observer
  • being familiar with intra-psychic, interpersonal and inter-group dynamics
  • taking a systems perspective
  • As Sociometrist, and Trainer, Educator, Practitioner (TEP) with the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association, (AANZPA)