Client Results


  • Ending time wasting meetings
  • Purposeful energising meetings
  • Leadership team’s focus aligned with group purpose
  • Increased engagement amongst managers and staff
  • Mutually beneficial relationships amongst stakeholders and agencies
  • Greater collaboration amongst business groups, shared resourcing, and cooperative relationships
  • Leadership team lifting performance across the business
  • Shaping organisation culture through leadership team relationships

Executive Coaching

  • Behaviours inspiring confidence, motivation and engagement
  • Better peer relationships in power imbalance environments
  • Improved personal effectiveness and courage with difficult conversations
  • Fresh perspectives with recurring problems
  • Increased empathy, effective relationships and better results
  • Ending time wasting meetings
  • Greater capability in leading successful meetings
  • Turning relationships around

Executive Presence

  • Conveying and demonstrating confidence
  • Authenticity and results through effective relationships
  • Increasing effectiveness with the soft side of organisation life
  • Assessing group culture and generating participation
  • Sought after for leadership roles across agencies
  • Ability to see things from a range of perspectives and provide direction
  • Relationship building and collaboration within and across agencies