Her approach is so powerful in terms of ensuring the desired outcomes were, in fact, met. And she insisted on post-session meetings to cement the accountability – consultancy at its best!
– Chief Executive

Diana assists leaders make sense of feedback they have received so they learn how they are perceived and understand their impact on others. Using interactive methods Diana assists leaders expand their behaviours to ensure mutually beneficial relationships. She uses representational methods to make invisible dynamics visible, and therefore discussable. The focus of Diana’s work is in assisting leaders achieve better results through better relationships with those around them.

Diana’s insight, persuasion and tenacity have been instrumental in helping my leadership team reflect on the best they bring to the table, and also where we individually and collectively could have more impact, and more positive impact.
– Deputy Chief Executive

Diana’s approach includes a mix of trust, challenge, informality, structured processes and organic approaches. Many of her clients return as their circumstances change and develop.

  • Projects are tailored specifically to meet your needs and context
  • We agree to a clear set of outcomes, and how we will measure success

Diana makes a proposal to you with several approaches to achieve the outcomes. Her interventions are tailored to your specific situation and outcomes and she uses a range of methodologies and approaches, both structured and organic.

Diana excels with group dynamics and working with groups and individuals to engage and make changes. She is energetic, positive, very clear and focused on the outcomes that leaders and teams want to achieve.
– Senior Manager

Clients ask Diana to assist them to:

  • Gain alignment within leadership teams
  • Strengthen engagement among leaders and staff
  • Create cultures of productivity, innovation and results
  • Increase collaboration, reduce duplication and streamline systems
  • Align purpose and priorities within a myriad of competing interests
  • Have the conversations they want to have with the people they want to have them with
  • Release and enhance capability within groups
  • Have strong reputations as sought after leaders

The results of our work are groups or individuals who

  • Lift their influence and produce the results they want
  • Enjoy better interpersonal relationships, greater vitality and less stress.
  • Discuss and decide what is important to their producing great results
The way Diana gets involved is to listen to what you want to achieve and clarifies with you what is at stake, the context you are in, and the drivers for change. This approach enables you both to be in tune with what is at stake. She is perceptive to feedback and suggestions and contributes with a ‘value add’ in the planning stages.
– Group Manager