5 Keys for Leaders to Accelerate Staff Engagement

BM is a senior leader I am working with. BM is talented, experienced, wise, and thoughtful. She is also shy, and reserved. So far, she has refused to share these insights with her colleagues. She thinks these insights lack value. With her permission, I am sharing these with you, so BM might gain a sense that her experience and wisdom is valuable to others.

One of her organisation’s strategic goals is to dramatically improve staff engagement. BM quietly told me she knew several actions which help turn staff engagement around. I asked her to let me know what she had learned.

Here’s what successful leaders do. They…

• Employ model engagement–they let staff see them being positive, asking great questions, and being personable

• Listen–for the other person’s perspective and experience

• Give feedback–staff like to hear they are on the right or wrong track. No feedback is working in a vacuum

• Set clear expectations

• Let go–of negative opinions, judgements and criticisms

What resonates with you? What gaps do you see? What would you add?

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