Executive Presence

For Chief Executives, Deputy Chief Executives, Group managers, Directors, and seasoned professionals reporting to senior leadership teams or a Board. Develop your capacity and confidence to inspire, influence and truly connect with others in challenging settings. If you truly want to understand your impact on others, then this programme is for you. Enrollment is by recommendation by past participants, or by contacting Diana.

Executive Presence is not a skill or a tool. Executive Presence reflects your capacity to care for people and your willingness to create positive two-way mutual relationship as you enact your role. 

                                               2019 dates

Executive Presence February 2019          For experienced senior leaders

A maximum of 8 people are accepted in each programme. The programme runs over 4 months.

In this video I respond to this question “What is Executive Presence?”

The Executive Presence programme is suitable for Chief Executives, Deputy Chief Executives, Group managers, Directors, seasoned professionals reporting to senior leadership teams or a Board, and fourth tier managers. Participants are accepted through referral from past participants, existing clients and from the Leadership Development Centre. Other’s please contact Diana directly

Leaders who balance technical and professional competence, their track record,  credibility, authenticity and personal qualities, draw people to them. Leaders integrating these aspects of their identity are more likely to create positive mutual (two-way) relationships. Learn what this means for you by participating in the Executive Presence Programme. 

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Margaret Bearsley, Crown Entity CE:
Executive Presence is a superb professional development course that gives a whole new meaning to ‘learning by doing’. As a result of doing Executive Presence, I have deepened my self-confidence as a leader and strengthened my personal ownership of my role as a leader. Diana is incredibly skilled at working with the group to do practical leadership exercises, and leading each person in the group on their own journey of self-discovery about their leadership potential.
CFO, NZ Public Service:
I strongly recommend Executive Presence for anyone wanting to make subtle changes to their management style that will significantly increase their effectiveness. The group sessions were enlightening; I learned a lot by observing my fellow participants. The next phase, one-on-one coaching sessions with Diana, was most beneficial. I am preparing to transition into a more senior and complex role in the Public Service and Diana provided excellent advice that will take me well beyond the first 90 days.
Adele Mason, Deputy Executive Director, Asia New Zealand Foundation:
I identify opportunities every day to use what I learnt during Diana’s Executive Presence programme. While challenging at the time, the learning experience makes sense later, and helps me to set priorities and build confidence.
Claire Douglas, DPMC :
Working with others facing similar professional challenges and with Diana’s skillful guidance, the programme was a safe way to examine and shift the way I interact with others. I found the role plays fun and seriously helpful in showing me new ways of interacting in the those sticky situations I sometimes find myself in. Diana was personally supportive, and always looking for ways I could lift my game. I now have more courage and confidence in how I lead and influence others; and in how to move on when things don’t always work out.
Mark Sowden - Deputy Secretary, Organisational Performance and Operations:
As a result of Diana’s Executive Presence programme, I now feel confident in having the conversation I want to have, rather than someone else’s conversation. This has really improved both the impact of my interactions and how I feel about them. Diana’s style is very direct, you get to experience first-hand the impact what you do has on others, and the tools and tips are focused on each individual in a very practical sense. Overall, Executive Presence has had the biggest impact on how I lead and influence outside my line of anything I’ve done in years.
Tui Te Hau, Deputy Chief Executive, Creative HQ:
Executive Presence is a highly targeted, tailored and impactful programme and Diana is a masterful coach. Diana cuts through all of the clutter and got to the heart of what will make a difference for me in managing and leading from the front. It was a bit uncomfortable at times but hugely refreshing and valuable.
Andrew, Deputy Chief Executive
The huge impact that Diana’s work has made is in how real, focused and targeted the work was to each individual. Diana also makes you think hard about the method of delivery and that there is no escape from the reality of what she is seeking to demonstrate. Executive Presence was a powerful reality check of how simple things can have a big impact on people and how their leadership is perceived
Group Manager, Government Agency
Diana facilitates programmes such as Executive Presence, where senior leaders are shown ways to better able to understand their impact on others. By participating in the interactive sessions, there is an immediate response on how effective making changes can be.
Kim Burton-Wood:National Manager, Direction and Design, NZ Transport Agency
Diana is a combination of challenging and fun; working on the hard stuff and having fun. I now enjoy the process of growing and developing. She brings a huge depth of practical experience in developing leaders. She doesn’t roll out a management speak formula. Diana executive coaching is built of a robust depth of knowledge and practical real life examples.
Lil Anderson, Director
As a result of Executive Presence the focus I bring to meetings has improved. Meetings are now a lot shorter and sharper because I’m clearer on my purpose. My general interactions at meetings have changed a lot – I listen well but only ask key and concise questions. I am actively running the meeting rather than merely chairing. Executive Presence taught me how to bring myself to a meeting and to any situation. I now take on leadership from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave.Another tangible thing I have put into practice is the amount of planning I now do. I’m quite a planner anyway but now I’m planning my approach rather than planning the content. That’s been quite a marked change.