Diana works with senior leaders who want to inspire confidence and authenticity in themselves and those they work with to produce outstanding results. She works across a range of sectors, in fact anywhere where relationships with people and groups are important.

Many of the organisations Diana work with are in constant state of change. There are shifts in context and direction in response to:

  • external drivers e.g. financial crises, political will or where services or stakeholder relationships shift radically
  • new services being developed
  • technology delivering services which people previously delivered.

These shifts mean that the structures of organisation no longer sustain for long periods. Increasingly in New Zealand, particularly in the public sector, organisations restructure every year, eighteen months or two years. That means changes; of Chief Executive, of members of leadership teams, elements of the core business, or ways in which services are delivered.

Alan Cassidy, Organisation Development Manager
I recommend people hire Diana for facilitation of strategic planning workshops, team building for difficult or problem teams, senior and executive coaching, workshops and coaching around relationships, networks, and building effective partnerships.The thing that stands out in my mind about the work Diana has done for me is that she is incredibly insightful and perceptive of the dynamics within a group and the drivers of individuals.

Diana’s work enables clients to navigate these complex changes, find their work satisfying and achieve exceptional business results.