My book – Leadership Material is available now

  • What are the keys to inspiring and influencing others?
  • What qualities ensure others are drawn to you?
  • How do you develop these?
Why should you buy this book? Contrary to popular belief, executive presence is not about skills, techniques and being rational. Executive presence is about behavior and the relationships you have. Leaders with presence are close to the people they lead. They attract people through their authentic personal qualities.

In Leadership Material Diana explains how inspiring leaders tap into their own earlier life experiences to shift their default behaviors, integrate their thinking, feeling with actions, and expand their influence. According to Diana, the experience of working with these leaders to produce business results is at the core of their influence. Drawing on over thirty years of experience as a consultant, coach, speaker, and relationship expert, Diana shares her work to help leaders gain influence, build confidence, and develop the behaviors which has people want to produce exceptional results.Available in all good bookstores in New Zealand, Australia and US.

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